Paul Harris, BS, CN, CI, is a natural health expert and author, nutritionist, iridologist, addictions specialist, arthritis natural treatment specialist, right living advocate and complimentary alternative medicine practitioner.

He is the author of The Colorado Food Addiction Recovery System, 30 Days To Drugless Living, Nature’s Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure, Health And Happiness The Hunza Way, The Perfect Diet And Lifestyle Calculator Tool, Read It As You Would Write It, Anatomy Of A Great Sales Presentation, and co-author of Break Out Of The Sugar Prison.

His emphasis is on overcoming any habitual, addictive tendencies, including street drug addiction, prescription drug abuse / misuse, alcohol abuse, eating addiction disorders, chain smoking, uncontrolled anger, familial violence, compulsive gambling, excessive sexual preoccupation and any other habitual behavioral patterns resulting from the ‘urge to indulge’ any particular addiction. He also teaches clients and readers of his publications how to reverse and recover from various forms of arthritis using purely natural means.

As an adult, Harris recovered completely from sugar addiction and from life-threatening bouts with drug and alcohol addiction using the same effective techniques explained in his breakthrough addiction reversal and recovery protocols.

In the year 1984, Harris begin studying the doctrine of right living and natural, biological treatment for virtually all recognized disease conditions under the instruction of world renowned natural health lecturer, author and practitioner, Dr. Jorgen Bernard Jensen, ND, DC, PhD, of Escondido, California.

During the next eleven years, Harris remained under the instruction of Jensen while simultaneously running his own natural health clinic. As part of his extensive research with Jensen he observed how patients were able to reverse street drug addiction, prescription drug abuse and drug-related illnesses while restoring physical, emotional and psychological health and well-being.

The addiction recovery techniques and natural arthritis reversal methodology described in his protocols were inspired in part by Drs. Jensen, Henry Lindlahr, Victor Rocine, John Tilden, Russell Tral, Sir Arbuthnot Lane and the ancient but ever relevant teachings of Hippocrates, the acknowledged father of western medicine.’

The clinic-level protocols will walk you through each day of a selected program until you master and subsequently continue to apply the powerful and revolutionary techniques in the comfort and privacy of your home.

From 2003 through 2005, Harris served as CEO of Southwest Primary Care Center, Colorado. The start-up, 501C-3 non-profit medical group was founded with the mission/intention of offering complimentary alternative medicine services along with the most relevant, traditional primary care therapies to medically underserved residents seeking assistance from the group.

In a nutshell; Harris enjoys helping people find and unfold their unique potential through addiction-free, healthy and purposeful living.