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Here in the Arthritis Natural Cure Lounge you’ll discover the overall schematic of my arthritis pain relief therapies and complete physiological rejuvenation and arthritic recovery technique.

The methods were much inspired by the ground-breaking arthritis natural cure system utilized by Dr. Jensen at his Hidden Valley Health Ranch and Sanitarium in Escondido, California

What I Learned From Jensen And My Own Clients About How Arthritis Develops And Best Practices When Employing Arthritis Natural Cure

During the 11 years I spent studying under Jensen as a student and periodic assistant, and from the clients I consulted with in-clinic and online over the years, I learned 5 basic facts:

  • Fact #1.  The traditional medical establishment is RIGHT when they tell you no doctor or anyone else can CURE arthritis or any other form of rheumatism – what they don’t tell you is only NATURE can cure disease.
  • Fact #2.  There is NO SINGLE drug, vitamin or herb that by itself can permanently reverse the excruciating pain, discomfort and disfigurement of arthritis.
  • Fact #3.  Arthritis is NOT caused by a bad gene or rogue strain of bacteria, virus or any other microorganism.
  • Fact #4.  Arthritis is primarily caused by a system-wide biochemical imbalance and an extreme LACK OF ORGANIC SODIUM in particular – not the table salt variety, but the food grade type only found in mineral-rich foods.
  • Fact #5.  To be cured of arthritis you must give nature the opportunity to correct the HIGHLY ACIDIC CONDITION of the body and remove TOXIC WASTE settlements which greatly contributed to the initial development of arthritis.

Is It Possible To Reverse And Completely Recover From Arthritis In A Week Or Less?

No! Although the internet and various print publications would have you believe this, I beg to differ. Even the most advanced stem cell therapy and platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) therapy available today cannot accomplish such a feat.

Arthritics who think grave rheumatic health issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis or even osteoarthritis, which typically take years to develop, can be easily swept aside in a week are sadly mistaken.

As a general, reliable rule of thumb;

“For ever year it takes an arthritic condition to develop
to the point where it becomes painfully noticeable it can take
up to a similar number of months to recover from the disease

For example; a 3-year bout with the pain and extreme discomfort of crippling rheumatoid arthritis can take up to 3 months for your body to begin the natural reversal and recovery process.

Your joint pains and discomfort may vanish in a much shorter time but being that arthritis is a systemic disorder involving the entire organism your body will require more time to effect a natural cure.

Is Your Primary Goal To Simply Manage Or Permanently Stop The Pain Of Arthritis?

The modern day fad, with regard to the treatment of arthritis, is to temporarily treat and hopefully eliminate the most common symptom of this crippling disease; the terrible pain and constant discomfort of an arthritic flare up – especially one associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

On the surface this may seem to be an effective strategy. However, the important question to ask is whether or not this type of symptomatic treatment is really benefiting the arthritis sufferer in any meaningful way

I’m sure you’ll agree it makes little sense to constantly treat rheumatic hand pain if no attempt is made to correct the underlying problem which creates the biological condition that gives rise to the pain. This is just as true with arthritis, rheumatism, gout or acid reflux as it is with a fractured ankle. 

Permanently Recover From Arthritis – A Better Approach 

Nature's Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure - arthritis natural cureA better approach to arthritis pain management can be found within our arthritis natural reversal and recovery protocol. When the cause of the constant agonizing pain and anguish is eliminated the pain will stop.

The arthritis natural pain relief and recovery system presented at this website – including a therapeutic fasting program, organic meals menu, deep tissue cleansing, personal hygienic suggestions and self healing visualization – are all relevant and effective for any arthritis sufferer who wants to reverse this horrendous disease state. 

The Message Of Arthritis Natural Cure Methodology Is Simple  

There are a few truisms you must understand and embrace before any of what you are reading will be of real value to you:

  • You CAN get rid of the pain and suffering of arthritis.
  • You can PERMANENTLY REVERSE the highly acidic and toxic systemic environment that brought on your arthritic condition – and you can do this within weeks.
  • Many people who have suffered from the pain and anguish of crippling arthritis and other ailments associated with rheumatism have reversed these ailments by NATURAL methods.
  • If you are interested in pursuing an arthritis natural cure mode of healing you will need to find someone knowledgeable and experienced to safely and intelligently assist you in that effort (If you would allow me to help you I am uniquely qualified to coach you step-by-step on how to naturally reverse and recover from arthritis and other rheumatic disorders).

Do Your Homework

  • Decide what exactly you want to accomplish.
  • Communicate with someone (like me) who can offer sensible advice on how to structure your recovery efforts.
  • Expect to spend at least 3 or 4 months rejuvenating and rebuilding your body- perhaps a few months longer if you suffer with an advanced arthritic condition such as ankylosis (bone fusion) or malformed joints.

Healing Arthritis Naturally – Finding The Garden In Your Life

If you’re thinking about engaging nature and her healing forces to overcome and recover from any form of arthritis you should seek out and find an emotional and psychological garden in your life.

It should be a special place where you can set up camp and hunker down to do battle with your particular manifestation of arthritis.

This beautiful, flower-laden, calming, peaceful mental and emotional haven should be a location in your mind where you can sit quietly apart from troubling thoughts and desires and simply BE with nature.

While you’re there take in a little sunshine and lots of fresh air. Sunshine and fresh, clean air should be abundant and unrestricted in your psychological garden.

They can make such a difference in your outlook, motivation and the actual arthritic recovery outcome. 

Mentally (and physically where possible) exposing oneself to nature’s healing forces, breathing fresh, clean air and soaking in life giving sunshine in a relaxed environment are necessary components of any viable arthritis natural cure treatment program.  

The Garden Can Help You Maintain The Right Mindset

A daily visit to your mental garden is essential for helping to restore your health and well being.  It helps to establish the appropriate mental and emotional environment necessary to bring about the right conditions for arthritis-free longevity.  

Your body will respond much more favorably to your healing efforts when you are in a good and healthy frame of mind.

An Eclectic Gathering Of Great Arthritis Specialists And  Non-Traditional Practitioners

The arthritis natural cure protocol I developed draws from the brilliant works of such biologically oriented practitioners as Father Sebastian Kneipp of Bavaria, Dr. Russel Tral who started our nation’s first school for biological therapeutics, Dr. John Kellog of Battle Creek Michigan, Henry Lindlahr MD who was considered the authority on Healing Crises manifestations, Dr. John Tilden, Are Waerland, Hippocrates of Cos and Dr. Victor G. Rocine of Norway.

In particular, the Swedish, Swiss, English and German natural health centers were quite inspirational. However, it is the singular, pioneering work of Jensen that had the greatest influence on my program.

What I have attempted to do with this site is reveal to you some of the most advanced thinking in arthritis natural cure technology, both past and present.

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