Best Diet For Arthritis Sufferers

Here in the cafeteria is where arthritics who suffer from such conditions as gouty arthritis, RA, juvenile arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis and other inflammatory arthritic conditions learn about the proven, best diet for arthritis sufferers.

This is also where you discover the basis of the fasting regimen which is comprised of raw fruit and vegetable juices, broths, herbal teas, tonics and purified water.  

The Best Diet For Arthritis Sufferers Should ALWAYS Begin With A Fast

The arthritis natural cure and recovery protocol commences with a 10-day supervised, therapeutic fast and at least a 3-day period for breaking the juice fast - best diet for arthritis sufferersfast properly and safely. Following that period, I recommend a 3 to 6-month rejuvenation and rebuilding dietary program.

Over the years I have found this to be the safest and most rewarding fasting regimen for those who suffer with serious arthritic conditions. The objective of the fast is to begin the physiological process of:

  • Dissolving and removing toxic, morbid, mucoid matter from the body.
  • Bringing about the required system-wide biochemical balance.
  • Beginning the process of cellular restructure and biological rejuvenation,
  • Allowing nature to re-establish the client’s health blueprint that will in turn enable the natural curative process to engage and unfold

Clients, on occasion, are encouraged to extend the initial fasting period for up to 3 weeks, depending on the severity of the arthritis complication initially evident and the length of time the client has been afflicted with the ailment. In advanced cases where, for example, there is a long standing health complication from rheumatoid arthritis, I may recommend a 2 or 3-week initial fast. 

Healthy Food Choices For Arthritis

healthy meals - best diet for arthritis sufferersA healthy but light meal of whole foods and non-acidic beverages should be served during any the fast breaking period, which usually lasts for 3 days immediately following a fast.

This mini-diet is designed to prepare digestive organs and the bowel for resumption of the normal processing of food.  Following this period, clients are encouraged to begin consuming wholesome foods and beverages that are high in essential nutrients. This should continue for a period of at least 3 consecutive months.

The preferred 3-month meals menu will include a good portion of foods and beverages high in organic sodium, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium. These 6 biochemical elements are usually deficient in the daily diets of arthritics but are particularly beneficial in helping to reverse the arthritis disease process.


Best Nutritional Supplements For Arthritis

Following the fast and fast-breaking period clients are encouraged to begin taking certain food supplements with solid meals. The food supplements – such as liquid chlorophyll, raw wheat grass juice, brown rice syrup and raw wheat germ – are made from wholesome, organically grown foods and should be in powder or liquid form for easy digestion and assimilation.  

Each of the food supplements plays an important role in helping to first cleanse the system of toxic waste, drug residue and excess acid. Then they subsequently take part in the rebuilding process that restores mineral reserves to proper levels, restores the immune system’s readiness capability and reintroduces order and balance to affected bodily systems.  

In addition to these supplements clients also include a full spectrum of minerals, vitamins and other strategic nutrients with their solid meals.

Specific Food To Eat For Arthritis Sufferers

I prefer to have clients begin the 3-month diet with wholesome, preferably organic sub-acid raw fruit, raw and steamed low carb vegetables, raw vegetable juices, raw sub-acid fruit juices, clabbered milk products such as yogurt or kefir and an easily digestible protein. Surprisingly, arthritics can usually tolerate certain whole grain products such as rye, oats, millet and brown or wild rice.

The menu is much more comprehensive than this, however, this allows for a good basic diet staple arthritics can generally follow for a lifetime. We caution all clients to stay clear of anything processed whever possible.

So-called food products such as white processed wheat flour and white sugar are quite damaging to an already acidic body. Strong teas or coffee, alcoholic drinks, candy, certain drugs and smoking can all have a negative impact on an arthritic body.

A Brief History Of The European And American Arthritis Nature Cure Movement And It’s Contemporary Influence

Back in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries arthritis natural cure facilities were just becoming popular. In certain parts of the U.S., Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and England many of these health spas were receiving critical acclaim and attention for the miracles being performed there daily for guests who had the worst conditions of crippling arthritis imaginable. 

A large number of Swedish nature cure health centers that adhered to strict programs of supervised fasts using herbs, fruits and vegetable juices followed by sensible, healthy, organically based diets, were inspired by their Swiss and German neighbors. 

Biological treatment sanitariums such as Brandal, Bjorkagarden Health Institute, Bircher Benner and Vita Nova and, of course, Dr. Jensen’s Hidden Valley Health Ranch and Sanitarium boasted the most remarkable records of success.

These arthritis nature cure centers were very good at stopping the agonizing pain of arthritic disorders and often completely reversing the system-wide acidic conditions that led to the extreme bodily discomfort and ugly joint deformities associated with the disease.

A New Look At An Ages Old Method Of Treatment

Thousands of guests went to the biological treatment sanitariums after they’d experienced little if any measurable relief from their ailments using conventional drug and surgical therapies. 

Today there is an ever increasing number of arthritics worldwide who are eagerly seeking out the few VIABLE facilities that can actually take them through every step of a successful biological treatment and recovery program for the various presentations of arthritis.

The old world, with its lack of space age technology, is definitely having quite an impact on our modern world so ever reliant on quick fixes and questionable fast food diets.

A commonly heard question today voiced by those who have taken it upon themselves to take charge of their own arthritis recovery effort is; “what is the best diet for arthritis sufferers?”

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