Can I Interest You In What
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Nature's Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure - best home cure for arthritis“This is my only authorized book and system that can take you from the arthritic pain and suffering you are experiencing to a new lease on life free from the anguish and depression of arthritis.


Dear friend:

Are you tired of listening to questionable arthritis recovery fairy tales and chasing after hot tips from people who have never conducted or personally been through a proven, natural arthritis cure and prevention protocol?

“If that is the case, I can show you a way out of
your frustration and agonizing pain that has
stood the test of time!

Introducing…The Best Home Cure For
Arthritis Protocol In Recorded History

That’s not a misprint. The arthritis natural cure protocol I offer is the ONLY successful biologically-friendly system that has been utilized in one form or another throughout Europe and America for more than two centuries. It is the undisputed champion of biological treatment systems for rheumatic ailments such as arthritis.

Think about it. When an agonizing, degenerative illness as serious as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis comes banging on your door and rattling your windows, are you willing to trust your fate to a kid who gathers, rewrites and posts ‘expert’ arthritis recovery articles on the internet?

What are the chances that kid actually has or ever had any form of arthritis or has any first-hand experience in how to conduct and supervise a successful arthritis home cure protocol? Probably zero!

You May Have A Serious Problem That Has Nothing
To Do With Finding A Cure For Arthritis At Home

So, what is your REAL problem, if not your arthritis? I’ve been in your shoes so let me take an educated guess:

“Your REAL problem could be the MISINFORMATION that may be cluttering your mind about your illness and not allowing you to see straight or think clearly about your situation or your realistic options.

When constant, agonizing pain is your daily companion your mind can go into hibernation…away from your day-to-day reality. In this state it can be difficult to think clearly about the best choices to pursue for your condition. It seems that every turn you make is a wrong turn with an eventual bad outcome.

Best Natural Cure for ArthritisI honestly feel your pain and know your frustration having once suffered for many years from the stinging lash of rheumatoid arthritis. I also made a lot of bad choices based on misinformation.

I know what it’s like to take a prescribed wonder drug in the morning, barely make it through the day with severe arthritic pain and discomfort, and then take another dose the next day only to discover it didn’t work the second day like it did the first day or it didn’t work at all!

Has Arthritis Made You A Social Misfit Or Outcast?

I know the rejection and depression you feel when you can’t participate in social outings or recreational sports with friends and family because your knee arthritis or painful osteoarthritis in your hips is too much to bear. Or could it be that you have swollen finger joints or you’re developing cataracts?

Yep, I know all about it. But I also know the exuberant, lasting joy of finding and going through a natural arthritis treatment at home protocol that actually worked. It was a technique that delivered on what it was advertised to do and gave me a natural, lasting reversal of, and recovery from, a painful bout with RA.

And, more important…I can walk you, hand-in-hand, through that same program and help you reverse and recover from your arthritis – safely, intelligently and responsibly!

Dear Paul

“Since I have known you and followed your teachings on how to eat better for a longer life I have never felt better. I had been feeling tired, bloated, aching with all kinds of pain. I was talking to my daughter one day about how I feel and she told me about you She said you were a walking encyclopedia on health matters. I told you about my problems. As you recall, you started me on fresh vegetable juices and fresh vegetable salads for ten days. I looked in the mirror and saw that things like the juices and vegetables were making a difference. Around the seventh day my family was telling me that I looked good. I am very happy to know that someone like you will take the time to work with someone who needed help. Your teaching has taught me a new way of eating. I feel better, see better, sleep better and have lost 15 pounds in 3 months. I do not crave the no-no foods anymore. There are so many good foods to eat. I do not drink coffee. You have a magic drink that I take in the morning. One of the best things that came out of the program is that I do not crave sweets and starches anymore. I have learned to eat better and I am enjoying my new life. My husband has also started to eat healthier. I owe my new lifestyle to you Mister Paul Harris and all that I can say is I thank you”.

E. Alfone, Georgia (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

Key Components of the Best Home
Cure For Arthritis Protocol

  • Short Therapeutic Fast, also referred to as a Liquid Diet: Required – As difficult as this may be for you to hear, this is something you absolutely MUST do to have ANY chance to permanently reverse your arthritic condition. The scientific basis for this has been established over hundreds of years by the world’s great health restoration spas, clinics and retreats. I will instruct you on which juices, broths, herbal teas and tonics to use and explain why I favor them for this program.
  • Transitional Diet: Required – The first part of this diet will help replenish minerals and correct nutrient deficiencies in your body and assist with restoring vitality immediately after the fast. The second part of the dietary menu can be used as a basic regimen to use and enjoy for the rest of your life. This is a 10-week recommended dietary plan.
  • Gentle massage: Optional – Daily gentle massage, even self-administered, of the affected areas and to the surrounding tissues is advisable.
  • Recommended clothing and footwear: Optional – Loose-fitting, natural fiber clothing and appropriate footwear during and after the protocol.
  • Daily exercise routine: Optional – Light walking, swimming, bicycling, deep breathing, stretching or Tai Chi are advisable if your condition will allow such activity without distress. Muscle group tensing and relaxation, without moving any joints and while your body is prone or standing erect, is good for muscle tone and to help blood circulation.
  • Water therapy: Optional – Light joint rotation of affected areas while submerged in a sink, pool, Jacuzzi, shower or bathtub. These treatments will help increase your blood circulation, keep mineral and inorganic substances moving freely through and around joints and promote toxin release throughout your entire body.
  • Affirmations: Required – These serve to help strengthen resolve, courage and the perseverance to successfully complete this protocol. These can also help improve your self-image.
  • Daily Health Restoration Worksheets: Optional – Submit these worksheets for me to review each week by email. I will quickly respond back to you with my thoughts about your observations, questions or concerns. These will help keep you on track and focused on achieving your ultimate goal of reversing and completely overcoming arthritis in any of its manifestations.
  • Arthritis Reversal Flash Cards: Optional – Flash cards have been proven to be powerful suggestive aids in helping to reverse and recover from serious health issues such as arthritis. They can be especially useful in emotional and psychological repositioning.
  • Health Promoting Recipes: Optional – 30 pages of delicious and nutritious foods and beverages that will help your body replenish its nutrient reserves and restore biochemical balance.


Importance Of The Healing Crisis When Pursuing
An Arthritis Home Cure Protocol

At some point during the protocol, if you’ve been following it pretty much to the letter, you should experience what is known as a Healing Crisis.

A Healing Crisis is the expected and desired outcome of completing a well-conceived liquid diet and an initial cleansing effort. It is the first serious step your body will take to arrest and reverse arthritis.

I cover this entire process in depth during the protocol to ensure that if you experience any unexpected surprises you will know exactly how to deal with them. You will be given a crash course in how you can utilize Healing Crises to your body’s greatest advantage.

This is the one experience or event toward which every responsible and competent practitioner should initially guide an arthritic patient. It’s certainly one of my goals for you during and / or after the protocol.

“Once you begin the natural disease reversal process of a Healing
Crisis everything else is pretty much downhill from there!”

Special Bonus!!

“What You Should Know About
Food And Your Body”

This is a comprehensive and power-packed refresher course in nutrition and human physiology. I’ll show you exactly how your body works and What-You-Should-Know-About-Food-And-Your-Body - best home cure for arthritishow food is utilized at the cellular level for heat, energy, tissue construction and repair.

It doesn’t matter if you think you know it all or if you’re a newbie to this information. I guarantee you can learn something of value here. This is meant to be read before or while you are fasting. When you finish the fast you’ll know exactly why I recommend the foods and nutrients you’ll need during the 10-Week Transitional Diet.

If you’ve ever wanted straight and simple answers to your questions about nutrition and human physiology, this is where you’ll find them.

Never again will you be dumbfounded when someone asks you a question about your body, how it works or about nutrients and the way your body uses them. This special report will get you up to speed FAST!


Hello Paul,

The main thing I have to say is the great concern you have for people, how you take so much of your time to give to others. From the first time I heard of you I was so filled with joy to find someone concerned with others, so I said I must do this because I felt it was my last chance to get it together. So I took the program and ran with it. I am 74 and feel younger than when I was a young girl because I was very sickly most of my life. I always didn’t feel good, but since I started the program I feel sooooooo good now. When anyone asks me how I am I say Greaaaaaaaat. Thank God for you Paul and long life so you can continue your great work. Peace and love to you. By the way I thought you should know I no longer have any arthritic aches and pains since I have been on your program.”

J. Braxton, Georgia (Rheumatoid Arthritis/Diabetes)


Are You Still Unsure About Purchasing The Best Home Cure For Arthritis Protocol?

The protocol is aptly named; Nature’s Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure. If you are hesitant about going ahead with the purchase I can understand your feelings. It’s a big step for you into the unknown. Well, how about you test driving the program at my expense for the next 30 days?

I can’t expect you to trust me with your hard earned money unless I’m willing to go on a little faith here and trust you with a large and meaningful part of my life’s work.

I have no doubts you will see the value in what I’m offering and the potential it can have for you in changing your life and giving it new meaning.

This guarantee is good for the Basic Package or Premium Package. You can own and download your preference with total confidence.

Here’s My Ironclad Risk-Free
Guarantee Of Satisfaction


If within 30 days of your purchase date, you feel my Basic Package or Premium Package of Nature’s Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure has fallen short of your expectations, I will quickly refund every penny of your purchase price and, of course, you can keep the Special Bonus and whatever materials or documents you have already received from me. You further understand that any personal email communications with you would be discontinued at that point.30 days of your purchase date, you feel my Basic Package or Premium Package of Nature’s Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure has fallen short of your expectations, I will quickly refund every penny of your purchase price and, of course, you can keep the Special Bonus and whatever materials or documents you have already received from me. You further understand that any personal email communications with you would be discontinued at that point.

In return, for extending this guarantee to you, all that I ask from you is that you:

  • Follow the daily instructions to the letter or to the best of your ability.
  • Contact me by email within the first 30 days after the purchase date if you should run into any difficulty with the protocol.

If I don’t deliver as promised, you win and I lose.

I honestly expect you will emerge from my do-it-yourself arthritis home cure protocol healthier, happier and determined to get on with your life.

Let Me Help You Ease Your Suffering

As you know, I’ve been in your shoes. I KNOW you’re tired of being in pain. I’m sure you must be tired of not being able to do a lot of things your friends and family take for granted; like playing sports, camping, hiking, swimming, working with tools, holding kitchen utensils and dishes, climbing stairs and driving a vehicle without excruciating pain.

It’s frustrating when you’re afraid to shower or bathe for fear of hurting yourself. How humiliated do you feel to hear people whispering behind your back about how sad and empty your life must be having to cope with such a crippling and painful disease as arthritis?

You Can Boot Your Arthritis Out
The Door Starting Today!

All of the pain, anguish, frustration and fear can stop starting today. You can change your luck right here – right now.

Imagine what it will be like when you can button a shirt or blouse, shake someone’s hand without grimacing in pain or to have sporting fun with friends and family without worrying about whether or not your knee, shoulder or hip will give out at some inconvenient time.

At the risk of sounding boastful or pompous, you may never again have an opportunity like you have before you now to naturally and intelligently reverse your arthritic pain and anguish. You can do this starting now with my help and my clinically tested program.

I Can Help You And I WILL Help You Overcome Arthritis In The Privacy  Of Your Home

Don’t let this opportunity to recover from your illness slip away today because if you do you and I both know your condition is only going to deteriorate and get worse with each passing day.

I believe you deserve to live and enjoy your life free of pain and discomfort. It’s time for you to smile again!

“Don’t waste another moment worrying about how
much worse your condition is going to get.

You can enroll below for the powerful and effective, 12-week arthritis reversal and recovery protocol I personally learned from Jensen.

It’s a full immersion program where I oversee and coach you from page-to-page and day-to-day but you alone are always in complete control.


I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through an amazing natural healing process, the likes of which you could pay thousands of dollars or euros for at any of the world’s top nature cure sanitariums, such as Vita Nova or Brandals. 

Take A Few Minutes Now To Own
And Download Your Selection!

Review the 2 package offers below and select the one you feel can best meet your needs. Perhaps you are a self starter who only needs a gentle shove to get you moving in the right direction. That would be the Basic Package. Maybe you require more personalized attention. That would be the Premium Package. I will support whatever decision you make.

Your communications with me are always 100% discreet and completely confidential. I will NEVER divulge information about your personal life to anyone!

best home cure for arthritis

Let me help you discover a natural way of life free from the pain and aggravation of arthritis

You can download the e-book protocol and be reading it within minutes after you order. (Please check your email for the download link). It comes in Adobe PDF format which can be read by MACs and PCs through the free Adobe Acrobat Reader that’s probably already installed on your computer.

To get started right away, all you need to do is take out your debit or credit card and click on one of the order buttons in the order form below.

Yes Paul! I’m Ready To Put “Nature’s Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure” To Work For Me

Basic Package: 165-page e-book with a 12-week protocol, Special Bonus; What You Should Know About Food And Your Body, and once weekly email communication with me about any questions or concerns that may come up during the first 30 days of the protocol.


Nature's Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure Basic Package - best natural cure for arthritis


“Paul, I’m confident I can pursue this protocol with minimal assistance. I’m also confident this can help me arrest, reverse and recover from my arthritis if I follow the protocol. I’m tired of suffering with this nasty ailment and want you to personally coach me through the protocol and be there for me when I need your reassuring guidance. This is a great opportunity for me and I want to get started reclaiming my health and my life as quickly as possible.”

Premium Package: 165-page e-book with a 12-week ecourse protocol, Special Bonus and once weekly email communication with me for the first 60 days of the protocol! I’ve included a brief Health Evaluation Questionnaire for you to complete and return to me by email for analysis. I will respond by return email to notify you of any suggestions that may augment your healing efforts.

Also included is the Perfect Diet, Health and Lifestyle Calculator Tool I created that will be sent to you by email. It is based on the breakthrough research of the great Norwegian homeopathic physician; Victor Rocine. After receiving your answers to only 2 questions I will respond with my suggestions for the most rewarding occupations, best exercises, best skills to learn, best basic long-term diet, best geographic areas to live and other pertinent lifestyle recommendations for your specific type.


Nature's Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure Platinum Package


“Paul, I’ll take the package I’ve selected with the utmost sincerity. I’m committed to turning my life around and becoming a success story. I’m ready to take control of my life again starting right now. I know you’re in my corner and will support me throughout the entire protocol and beyond, if necessary. I understand that I’m covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, so there is no risk in me owning the package I’ve chosen today!”

Wondering about whether or not you’ll get your money’s worth? Perhaps the question you should be asking is if you’ll get the value you’re looking for. The answer is YES!


If you select the Premium Package you will find the Perfect Diet, Health and Lifestyle Calculator Tool to be easy to use.

It will allow you to select your basic mental, emotional, genetic and temperament type. The selection process shouldn’t take up more than 15 to 20 minutes of your time to complete.

Upon receiving your 2 answers I will begin working on an ideal lifestyle, diet, nutrition, occupation, exercise and climate profile that you can use for the rest of your life, starting immediately after you finish the entire protocol. I will contact you by email, usually within 72 hours, with my analysis and recommendations.

I will be available to you for clarification of any part of my instructions or recommendations. I will respond to any of your questions or concerns about your body or the protocol for the entirety of the protocol

Frankly, this may be your best chance to get it right and reclaim your health. I know what I’m talking about. I had to use essentially the same clinic-level protocol to overcome my rheumatoid arthritis when I was a much younger man. And it has never returned.

If you’re tired of being led down dark alleys and dead end streets and serious about engaging the best home cure for arthritis protocol available let me help you get going right now!

My Nature’s Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure is exactly what you need to be done with arthritis of any kind once and for all! 

“Allow Me The Privilege Of Coaching And Guiding You
Back To Health, Wellness And True Happiness!”

Thanks for your audience and indulgence.

To your renewed health, wellbeing and lifelong happiness,

Paul Harris, CN, CI

P.S. You’ve probably heard or read about scientific breakthroughs that promise to give you a brand new body free of the pain and anguish of arthritis. Biotechnology and genetics research have come a long way but they have not yet discovered how to reverse arthritis or renew affected tissue as thoroughly and effectively as nature. That is a fact! I know and understand how nature’s disease reversal and tissue replacement and correction process works. I will teach it to you in the protocol. If you still have the power in your body to smile and wink then you certainly have the ability to immerse yourself in the best home cure for arthritis system available – MY system!