Additional Components Of The Best Way To Cure Arthritis Protocol


Additional Components Of The Best Way To Cure Arthritis Protocol – Class Session

Today’s class is aptly called; Additional Components of the Best Way To  Cure Arthritis Protocol. It will delve into other essential aspects of a comprehensive, home based arthritis natural cure system.

If you’ve lost your way, this is a continuation of the class session; Healing Arthritis Naturally Using the Law of Cure and the Healing Crisis.

Lesson Eight

Assessing The Effects Of Certain Drugs On Arthritis

If you intend to spend time at an arthritis natural cure facility, or pursue a natural home cure and recovery protocol on your own – such as mine – I caution you about the use of drugs for pain relief or sleep inducement.

Unless you are taking life-sustaining medications at that time, you should consider not taking any such drugs to the facility or taking any during the home cure protocol.

Of course, you would want to run this by your rheumatologist or other health practitioner before considering such a course of action or inaction.

The best arthritis recovery clinics and sanitariums will be attempting, in a short period of time, to reverse the direction of your degenerative biological condition.

This endeavor often requires the complete elimination of cortisone injections, gold injections or any drug, chemicals or otherwise unnatural substances, from being introduced into your body during the rehabilitation and rejuvenation process.  

Cortisone injections, gold injections and other biologically unfriendly agents can wreak havoc in a patient whose body is already compromised by arthritis or other rheumatic ailments.  

Well-Known Dangers Of Cortisone Injections

Where arthritics have taken cortisone injections for a number of years it’s difficult to bring about a complete natural recovery from arthritis. This is particularly evident where the drug has stifled the immune system or compromised other critical biological systems and functions. 

Patients who are routinely subjected to cortisone injections can experience frequent metabolic disturbances, hormonal imbalances, severe mood swings, depression, anxiety, emotional distress and paranoia. Many patients taking cortisone injections suffer from drug-induced stomach ulcers and liver dysfunction. 

Although not considered to be a cure-all, thanks to the pioneering work of Jensen and a few European bio-researchers, it was established, back in the 1960’s, that vitamin B-12 injections could counteract much of the ulcer causing effects and liver damage often brought on by injection of the drug cortisone. 

Problems With Gold Injections 

Gold injections are used to alleviate some of the discomfort associated with painful arthritic joints. The injections serve no useful purpose in any biological treatment program of cellular rejuvenation.

Reputable sources have reported that gold injections can be highly toxic – resulting in damage of the liver, skin disorders, ulceration of the gums, gastrointestinal disorders, sight impairment and deafness. 

So great are the risks that attend gold injection therapy that traditional doctors will often not resort to it until all other known traditional methods of arthritis pain relief have been exhausted. 

What To Do About Opioid Drug Abuse

I’d like to wrap-up this lesson with a mention about the current worldwide misuse and abuse of opioids. These types of drugs are quite aggressive in the damage that can be inflicted on an already compromised arthritic body.

Although they are useful in alleviating arthritis aches and pains – especially arthritis joint pain symptoms – these powerful drugs can cause death from overdose and many other negative biological effects.

If you are currently an unwilling victim of opioid or other drug abuse, visit my drug abuse home treatment and recovery website for a unique, breakthrough way to recover from drug abuse at home, alone in 30 days or less – guaranteed. I will personally supervise and oversee your recovery efforts.

Lesson Nine

Arthritis Fatigue Management

It’s estimated that arthritis fatigue affects more than two thirds of all arthritis sufferers. There are a few interesting ideas put forth by the traditional medical establishment as to how it develops:

  • The presence of arthritis in the body gives rise to protein substances in the blood called inflammatory cytokines. These are supposedly released into the bloodstream much as they are when you have a bad cold or influenza. They tend to retard energy levels.
  • Certain prescribed medications can bring on fatigue. Drugs for pain, depression, blood pressure regulation, weight control, insomnia, corticosteroids and anti-inflammatory medications are particularly suspect.
  • Alcoholic beverages – when consumed to extremes.
  • Anemia – a lack of an adequate red blood cell count to carry sufficient supplies of oxygen from lungs to bodily tissue for cellular respiration, waste removal and oxidation.
  • Fibromyalgia, insomnia and depression can also contribute to arthritis fatigue.

The Effect Of Cellular Toxemia On Energy Levels

The body’s inability to expel cellular waste products such as carbon dioxide, excess water, harmful bacteria, metallic depositions, hard mineral depositions, viruses and morbid chemical compounds, eventually gives way to a condition where nerve force and vitality cannot efficiently enter or manifest through the cells. Healthy cellular metabolism cannot take place due to the vast accumulation of waste material.

A dysfunctional cell is not a congenial environment for the energizing influx of vitality and nerve force. The amount each cell is able to utilize and particularize of these two natural energies is minimal. Low nerve and vital force can only equate to low energy levels and fatigue.

The chemical burning process of simple sugars in your cells – heightened interaction of carbon compounds, hydrogen and oxygen – will be inadequate for the necessary generation of energy until the cell is relatively clean of excess toxic trash.

How To Naturally Counteract Arthritis Fatigue

Regardless of how often you may practice deep breathing, take exotic herbs, improve sleep patterns, go on a diet or increase exercise routines, the extra oxygen you attempt to disseminate throughout your body will have little effect in reversing your enervated condition.

There will be little, if any, change until you begin removing the cellular garbage inhibiting the free flow of vitality your body needs to carry out efficient metabolic function.

Fatigue can only exist in a body that is toxic, biochemically imbalanced, lacking adequate amounts of sleep and exercise and where the quality of blood and lymph are substandard.

A daily program designed to address these deficiencies should show marked and rapid improvement in one’s energy level. It’s all about creating an internal atmosphere where natural forces inherent within your tissues can unfold without hindrance to carry out normal biological functions.

Notwithstanding physical injury, pain and fatigue normally cannot exist when your body is clean, aerated, rested, exercised, being fed properly and removing waste regularly. Remember; a clean, well-rested, exercised, biochemically balanced body is not a welcome environment for enervation and arthritis fatigue.

Lesson Ten

Self Healing Affirmations And Visualizations

Affirmations for self healing accompanied by controlled visualizations are an indispensable element of my best way to cure arthritis protocol.

I’m a strong believer in the power of concentrated mental imagery to help orchestrate a sustained healing process.

The most successful recoveries I’ve seen from rheumatoid arthritis and other serious rheumatic disorders have been those where clients were taught to visualize the actual biological healing process within the context of a daily, repetitive effort.

I recommend that arthritics new to my healing system conduct their own visualization sessions by either reading the script provided in the protocol or by reciting certain positive self healing affirmations from memory – which are also to be found in the protocol

Whenever possible, clients are encouraged to play soothing but inspiring music to help attune the senses to the mood each client is creating.

Positive Affirmations For Healing Self Esteem, Self Image And The Entire Physical Body Are Most Effective

The text of the affirmations for self-healing sessions are proprietary information. What I can tell you is the key to a successful session is for all aspects of an arthritis sufferer’s mental, emotional and physical makeup to be participating in the healing effort.

Positive empowering affirmations for healing one’s self-esteem, self-image and the entire physical body – which would include all affected joints and other inflamed tissue – are most effective. This is the one sure way to know that every part of an arthritis sufferer’s being truly desires to be well again. 

It’s helpful to learn to completely relax. When an arthritic is not taxed or over-burdened with worldly concerns there is greater potential to see clearly in mind exactly what is to be accomplished during each self-healing affirmation and visualization session.

Visualizing The Affected Body Part To Be Healed For Maximum Results

If an arthritic is unsure what a certain affected body part looks like, I suggest she or he look through a full color, illustrated book of the human anatomy. A good full color image of the healthy body part can usually be obtained online as well. Then commit to memory what the organ looks like and its function before attempting a healing of that organ.

The human body is constructed along certain exact and specific electromagnetic lines. It responds to strong, willful commands. The more an arthritic is familiar with the healthy structure and normal functioning of a diseased body part, the more effective will be the affirmation and visualization sessions. Consequently, the quicker the body, as a whole, can begin to heal.

Two important elements which must always be present for an effective healing to take place are directed thought and visualization and the readiness to actually see oneself healed and well.

As strange as it may sound, many people are ill quite simply because they will not allow themselves to be well. It’s essential that we allow ourselves to enjoy good health and to know we are worthy of good health, well being and happiness.  

Arthritis Home Cure Honorable Mentions

There are other elements of my arthritis do-it-yourself natural home cure protocol you should be aware of. I chose not to devote a lot of time to them at this site. They are all explained, in detail, in the protocol:

  • Deep tissue cleansing by colema (high enema) or a series of 4 or 5 colonics administered by a professional colon therapist. Start at, or soon after, the beginning of the fast.
  • Daily exercise routine – such as water therapy, muscle tensing and relaxation while standing or laying prone in bed or on a rubber mat and learning to breathe properly.
  • Sunbathing with exposure of skin on back, arms, legs, face and chest to direct sunlight for 5 minutes maximum for each body section daily.
  • Walking on grass, or in cool water just over the ankles, for 5 minutes maximum daily.
  • Brushing skin with a natural medium bristle brush all over body except nipples, pubic and genital areas and within 1 inch of the eyes.
  • Massage and touch therapy
  • Exposure to healing light and soothing, empowering music and natural sounds.

If you are serious about engaging in what I feel is the best way to cure arthritis protocol available, these are extra measures you should consider that contribute to a comprehensive natural healing regimen for a body stricken with some crippling form of arthritis.

This concludes the class sessions and tour of the Arthritis Natural Cure Center in Cyberspace. Thanks for visiting. Your audience and participation are appreciated.

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