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Cure Arthritis The Natural Way

Cure Arthritis The Natural Way

Cure Arthritis the Natural Way – a Tribute to Dr. John Tilden

John H Tilden, MD-cure arthritis the natural wayDuring the early part of the twentieth century, a young chiropractor travelled from the Bay Area in California, to Denver, Colorado. His goal was to spend time in clinic with Dr. John Tilden to learn how to cure arthritis the natural way. Tilden was arguably the greatest exponent of alternative medicine and arthritis natural cure methodology of his day. The name of the young physician was Dr. Jorgen Bernard Jensen – my best mentor.

Back then if you truly wanted to learn a great craft from a great practitioner of the craft you would arrange to spend time with that person. In those days it was considered to be an honor to be in the presence of an accomplished practitioner – observing how he or she went about the craft from day-to-day. Many felt they learned more by osmosis and by simply being in the physical presence of the practitioner than from reading his or her printed works from afar, at home or in a classroom.

Such was the mindset of young Jensen when he went to learn from Tilden what it took to make the transition from being a mediocre to a great practitioner of the healing arts.

The two pillars of disease

Tilden taught Jensen two axiomatic truths about disease states:

  • Disease does not appear out of thin air. You don’t ‘catch’ a cold or arthritis. Each of these disease manifestations becomes evident AFTER certain physiological conditions are present.
  • Chronically low nervous energy, cellular toxicity and dietary imbalance are the precursors to the subsequent development of most biological disease states including arthritis.

As a result of years of clinical study and careful observation of the various stages of disease manifestation in patients, Tilden arrived at an understanding of best practices delivery of care for his arthritic patients. Tilden taught patients about the true biological cause of their afflictions and the most intelligent methodologies available to naturally and permanently reverse and recover from the various forms of arthritis and other rheumatic ailments.  

Tilden’s early medical training

John H. Tilden was born in Van Burenburg, Illinois, on January 21, 1851. His father, Joseph G. Tilden, was a medical doctor. Having developed a keen interest in biologically compatible medical practices in his youth, John Tilden received a medical degree, in 1872, from the Eclectic Medical Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio.

The school was founded in 1830 as a protest against the allopathic and homeopathic schools of medicine of that time. Tilden supplemented his medical training by including the works of such great teachers and physicians of antiquity as Hippocrates, Pythagoras and Paracelsus.

In 1890, Tilden moved to Denver, Colorado. He later established a sanitarium outside of Denver where he concentrated on the natural care and treatment of a wide assortment of disease states, including what was then known as; “diseases peculiar to the gouty diathesis” (commonly referred to today as gout, arthritis and rheumatism). Tilden ran two such sanitariums in succession, in Denver metro, until his passing on September 1, 1940.

Tilden’s natural treatment of arthritis protocol

What struck Jensen most was the confidence with which Tilden approached his craft – his absolute trust in the natural healing power latent within the body. Tilden’s contention was that a clean, well-rested, chemically balanced body was an environment hostile to the development of disease.

His landmark clinical and sanitarium work proved this theorem to be correct. Patients came to Tilden from around the world to experience his particular brand of ‘nature cure.’ His biologically compatible techniques for the natural treatment of arthritis, gout and other rheumatic ailments achieved critical acclaim within the global, alternative medicine community.

Tilden’s usual approach to reversing arthritis was as follows:

A complete fast should be given until the pains are all gone, and then a diet for several weeks of fruit and vegetables–fresh or uncooked fruit and non-starchy vegetables, with plenty of salad. These are the eliminating foods. Foods that are inclined to cause deposits in the system–such as meat and all forms of cereal–should be left out of the dietary, if necessary for a year, so as completely to transform the: nutrition of the victim of this disease.”

This course of therapy and counseling is remarkably similar to the care and guidance that has been given to patients by most prominent practitioners of arthritis natural cure methodology of the past two centuries – particularly in Europe and the Americas With but a few modifications, it is certainly in line with what Jensen taught and administered so effectively at his Hidden Valley Health Ranch in Escondido, California, for half a century.

Timeless principles of arthritis natural cure

Since the time of Tilden and Jensen there have been great advancements in the care and management of many disease states. Especially impressive is the speed with which stem cell research and plasma rich platelet therapy have advanced.

We now have the ability to harvest our own fat and urine-derived stem cells to be used as ‘pluripotent cells’ in virtually any part of the body. What this means is that the moral issue of embryonic stem cells harvesting has been removed from the equation.

As I write this post there are at least two clinics in Arizona and DC, respectively, that are effectively utilizing platelet rich plasma therapy to help arthritics and athletes reduce joint inflammation and swelling. Considering where we were perched a mere decade ago, this is a great stride toward the highly anticipated future of regenerative medicine.

Inherent risks of blindly pursuing the new science

Be that as it may, there are certain risks to which we will be exposed. First up is the ‘let science do it all’ attitude which could be harmful over the long haul. Our bodies are our beasts of burden and our unique biospheres on earth. As stewards and superintendents of our physical vehicles it is important to learn all we can about the natural processes whereby they are enabled to function at optimum efficiency.

This is not a task to lightly dismiss by foregoing common sense nutrition and bodily hygiene, opting instead for injections of a stem cell cocktail promising to change your life overnight. Nature doesn’t work that way. She is careful, deliberate and will return to you a dividend that is exactly proportional to the effort you put into overcoming any serious infirmities that may crop up from time-to-time.

Whatever beneficial changes are to take place can only happen to the degree to which the structure and function of your body’s systems can efficiently accommodate the cellular repair or new growth you are seeking.

The next troublesome item is the misguided contemporary concept that there is always something out there you can rely on as a quick fix when everything else has failed. The obvious problem with this mindset is the tendency to put off until tomorrow what you should be doing today to resolve your health issues.

The longer you allow a condition such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout to fester, the harder it will be to eventually correct body chemistry and reverse the ailment. Don’t wait for science to do the right thing for you. This is something you will need to keep abreast of until such time you may feel the intervention of a space age cocktail would be in your best interest.

Science can only do so much

Science has many marvelous discoveries in store for us all. I’m glad to see this coming about. None-the-less, while all of these wonders are taking place, it would be prudent for each of us to not turn our backs to the supreme, natural source which is making these discoveries possible.

A sound understanding of basic nutrition, appropriate exercise, restful sleep, a good mental and emotional life and self actualizing lifestyle pursuits are all integral and important components of a healthy lifestyle. Aggressive arthritis natural cure methodologies such as stem cells or platelet-rich-plasma therapy are only as good as the bodily environment in which these formulations must function

I’m certain if Tilden were here with us today he would be proclaiming, with a voice strong and true, that without a well-rounded approach to living a healthy life these exciting new arthritis treatment technologies may be ineffective in the long-term rejuvenation and restoration of bodily systems and functions impaired by various presentations of arthritis. This is a process which only nature can truly orchestrate efficiently.

As Tilden knew, any reasonably responsible techniques not harmful to the body to temporarily ease the pain and distress of arthritic joints are certainly welcome measures However, to cure arthritis the natural way is a serious undertaking nature must orchestrate.

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