What You Need To Know About Arthritis


What You Need To Know About Arthritis – Class Session

Today’s class; What You Need To Know About Arthritis, deals with the biological cause of this dreadful symptom complex and how it can be reversed and resolved naturally. Grab a seat. We’ll be covering a lot of ground.

Lesson One

Biological Cause And Symptoms Of Arthritis

Somewhere along the line, usually starting in childhood, most arthritis sufferers fall into the fast food trap or simply neglect to feed their bodies the wholesome foods required to maintain good health.

Add to this their enervating, hectic lifestyles as they enter their teen and adult years and one can see how symptoms of beginning arthritis, gout, acid reflux and other rheumatic disorders develop and lead to a number of unfortunate biological changes in major systems, glands and organs.

Swollen joints, occasional redness of skin in affected areas, stiffness of joints – particularly the knees and shoulders, sour stomach, frequent indigestion from foods high in calcium or protein, chronic constipation, insomnia, lack of energy and fatigue are the most common symptoms noticed.

Cause Of Early Arthritis Onset – Lack Of Organic Sodium

When the body begins to develop, for example, early symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in knees, feet, shoulders or elsewhere, it quickly taps into its organic sodium reserves to neutralize the excess acids. In my work and research I’ve found organic sodium to be the most utilitarian chemical element in the body’s efforts to reverse the effects of rheumatic disorders such as arthritis.

The stomach, joints and lymph are where the highest concentrations of organic sodium are found. When there is a lack of organic sodium in the blood and lymph streams it’s difficult to maintain the proper amount of hydrochloric acid normally produced by cells in the stomach wall.

Why The Proper Level Of Hydrochloric Acid In The Stomach Is So Important To Arthritic Sufferers

Being that most arthritics tend to be deficient in HCL an over acid stomach is not the problem. Organic sodium normally combines with adrenaline in the stomach wall to produce HCL. If you’re low in sodium reserves it stands to reason you’ll be low in stomach HCL.

Such a condition will make it difficult to break down and assimilate calcium. This leads to eventual precipitation (dropping out) of random calcium from the lymph and blood streams into compromised joints where calciferic (calcium based) deposits and bone spurs may begin to form.

Our bodies need hydrochloric acid (HCL) to break down certain food elements such as calcium and other hard minerals, and to signal the release of the protein-splitting enzyme pepsin in the stomach. However, an over abundance of HCL will create an overly acid stomach environment. Organic sodium helps regulate healthy levels of HCL in the stomach which in turn ensures calcium is processed and assimilated efficiently.

Body Seeks A Secondary Supply Of Organic Sodium To Counteract Excess Acidity

When the demands for organic sodium increase due to stress, changes in lifestyle, lack of exercise, poor diet or the onset of a rheumatic disorder, after a time the body senses it must seek organic sodium from a secondary source – the joints and lymph stream.

Ahhh yes, you say. You’re beginning to see the picture. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is the operative principle at work in the body at this stage of the game. As this condition escalates over time the synovial membrane in the joints becomes deranged and severely restricts its production of synovial fluid which is normally high in organic sodium.

Since the presence of organic sodium helps keep calcium in solution in the joints, the lack of adequate levels of sodium enables calcium to fall out of the lymph stream and begin depositing along the joint surfaces.

Within a short period of time pain, joint stiffness, swelling and general discomfort will be experienced. This is the point at which a rheumatologist or other health practitioner is usually sought.

The Importance Of Keeping Your Joints Well-Oiled With Synovial Fluid

Synovial fluid is to a joint what oil is to metal parts in an automobile engine. When you’re low in oil the engine starts developing too much friction from metal parts rubbing against each other. Eventually enough foreign matter can collect in the engine and the piston chambers can overheat, expand and lock up the engine. 

This is similar to what happens in your body when the male and female parts of a joint don’t have enough synovial fluid to allow proper lubrication and movement of the joint. Without sufficient quantities of synovial fluid to keep organic and inorganic minerals in solution, calcium in particular can begin to collect in the joint.

Can An Arthritis Natural Cure Protocol Undo The Damage?

Provided that an arthritic adheres closely to a program such as mine the recovery can begin to take hold within 3 or 4 weeks after beginning the biological treatment program.

A complete recovery is possible within a few months to a year assuming a client is willing to adopt a biologically friendly lifestyle and continue to follow a wholesome food and beverage regimen after completing the initial therapeutic fast and fast breaking components of the protocol.

Lesson Two

Mother Nature’s Natural Cure For Arthritis

Only nature (your health blueprint) has the proven power to cure degenerative arthritis naturally or any other rheumatic illness.

Nature’s ability to affect a cure or complete healing of disease, or any condition of physical impairment, is greatly impacted by the degree of human influence present during the healing process.  

As a rule; the greater the amount of human interference in a purportedly natural healing process the less satisfactory the health outcome will be. In other words; limit, where possible, the use of drug therapy or unnecessary physical body manipulations and you should experience a healthy and satisfactory outcome.

A Sick Arthritic Body Is A Tired And Enervated Body

When you’re feeling sick with arthritis pain and discomfort you don’t have the energy to do anything. It’s a hassle getting out of bed in the morning. Some days you don’t have the energy or time to take your morning shower – if you can take one at all. Your clothes seem to take too much time and effort to put on. 

You feel that life has somehow left you behind. It seems that nature isn’t interested in you anymore. And to top it all off your daily aches and pains from arthritis are compounded by the overwhelming burden of the day-to-day demands put on you mentally and emotionally.  

Sick people aren’t usually happy people. I mean happy in the sense where you can wake up in the morning, stretch and tell the world you’re glad to be alive. I’m talking about the kind of happiness where you can’t wait to get up and going with your day – everyday.

Lesson Three

Nature Is Slow But Deliberate In Naturally Curing Arthritis

When we follow nature we follow a tried and tested path – the only true path to disease recovery. Each step is laid out before us and we need only trust that the path revealed will get us to where we want to be – optimum health and happiness.  

Serious types of arthritis take time to set up shop and develop in the body. When we invite nature in to initiate a healing process she will move with the same tedious, steadiness of purpose that took place when the diseases was developing.  

Nature Retraces All Arthritis Symptoms And Signs Back To The Initial Inflammation

For you to be cured of ANY disease state – not just severe forms of arthritis – nature must travel backward along the same road you traversed while developing the disease state. This is why we appropriately call it the reversal process.  You must retrace and undo every knot you’ve tied previously.

As a general, fairly reliable rule of thumb, for every year a chronic or degenerative disease was developing – before its presence became evident – it can take your body one month to fully recuperate from the disorder. This is not to say that nature can’t render a cure or substantial alleviation of the condition in lesser time. But, in general, this rule seems to hold up across the board.

SIDEBAR Words For The Wise

I was assisting Jensen one day with a project at his sanitarium. At one point he looked up from his notes and unexpectedly said, “it seems like every time I pick up one of those medical journals or natural health magazines I see an ad or an article about how some wonder drug or vitamin can magically cure all the arthritis and cancer cases in the world or relieve their pain permanently.  

“I wish I could somehow jump up off the page when someone begins reading and shout out that cures don’t happen that way. Only nature can cure disease. All we can do is create the condition for that to take place and then step back out of the way and allow nature to get in and do her work.” 

Jensen also mentioned during that conversation that a woman went to see his greatest mentor and teacher – Dr. Victor G. Rocine, a Norwegian homeopath – about a cancer diagnosis she received from a traditional oncologist. She heard Dr. Rocine could work miracles with the sick and infirm. 

During the office visit Rocine told the patient she should have been in to see him fifteen or twenty years earlier before the cancer developed. The tales she heard about his miraculous cures were all wrong. HE could cure NOTHING!  

Shocked and angered the woman demanded to know how it was that so many people in the area with everything from arthritis to cancer and emphysema were reportedly cured by him. To this Rocine calmly replied that nature alone cures disease.

All he ever did for any of the other patients – and all that he could do for her – was to get each patient into the right frame of mind to carry out the necessary cleansing and tissue rebuilding functions to allow nature the opportunity to heal and cure. 

Outside of that there was absolutely nothing he could personally do for her. This endeavor was strictly between the patient and nature. Rocine could offer advice and assistance but ultimately SHE would determine how effectively nature could go about the unavoidable and quite necessary task of cellular cleansing and reconstruction of her body along specific, natural, healthy lines.

Nature Can Reverse And Cure Most Serious Disease States If Given The Right Opportunity

This is the message I bring to you. There is one guiding ideal which I hold out to all who come to me for care and advice.

I will help prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically for what may be the greatest event of your life – your special date with nature as she refashions the temple of your body to make it a fitting vessel to house the spark of divine life which resides within. 

Although I will walk with you step-by- step along this path it is ultimately you alone who must strike your bargain with nature to ensure she can effectively and thoroughly clean house and set your body up for a healthy and satisfactory outcome.

This concludes lesson three of What You Need To Know About Arthritis. Class continues with lesson four titled; Healing Arthritis Naturally Using The Law Of Cure.


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